The next convention Boskone - Boston, Mass.
I had actually posted a long message on Boskone, Feb 17, 18 & 19, 2017. and the site server told me I had taken to long and logged me out (and refused to post).

I'm trying again, and this time will save the text to notepad before saving.

Boskone is a pretty good convention. It has everything except a costume competition. If you REALLY need that you will have to go elsewhere. [A costume competition takes the most volunteers, an expensive light and sound system, and a room that will hold around half of the attendees comfortably.]

The other problem with Boskone is the weather in February. Last year was fine, but experience has trained me to park in one of the end-of-the-line parking lots - and even more in a parking garage.
Winter of '15 was a blizzard, and I needed two extra travel days, and a ride to the train station, as that one mile over the river, closed the train.

Lots of good guests, especially if you like Young Adult fare. Expected are: Jane Yolen, Bruce Coville, Tamara Pierce, Sharon Lee and Steve Miller.
More Program has been posted.
Sharon Lee and Steve Miller won't attend - (from Sharon Lee's "Eagles over the Kennebec" blog)
I'm reading the Brandon Sanderson book that I got at World Fantasy. The premise was a bit odd (monsters drawn in chalk), but the idea of a United ISLANDS of America was pretty cool. .... And we may have that again, if global warming melts the polar regions.
PS: I'm not sure if I bought the Hardcover chap book, or the book I'm reading. One was free the other, a few bucks.

I'm also planning to resell some art. Or at least put that Romas (Kukalis) original of McCaffrey's DAMIA, in the Art show
The suitcase came out last night. Well at least the over-night bag.
It can easily hold two days of clothing, and a book, but maybe I need a bag on wheels.

The problem is that I've got 2 Brandon Sanderson books, and 2 Bruce Coville books. [Plus my nook.] And I'm no longer "as young as I used to be". I'll have to carry everything from the parking garage to the train [The T], and then from The T to the hotel. There is a long distance indoors, with several stair cases in the stations. There is also the last bit, outside, where Boston sidewalks and a possible hill stand between.

Now, this is my local "club" and I will be doing some volunteer time. Also, they usually have a pretty good dealer's room.
[Though I don't know if "Larry Smith Books" will be there]. AND let is be said that the book dealer that is selling my Anne McCaffrey collection, "The Mind's Eye", will be there. So, any accumulation of books, could get packed by them, and I could drive the 45 minutes to their house to pick up a book bag.

So if I can carry the bag in, I could send the books out separate.

Another one of my favorite authors will no longer be attending (Tamara Pierce), but Michael Whelan will be attending.... Reminder to self, never buy art bigger than the suitcase.... Another reminder to self - I have no more wall space.
Last night I brought the "alternate" over-night (o-n) bags to the packing area.
[For those who have the mis-conception that I keep the desk clear in my den or a cleared surface anyplace else in my house, be advised that this is a corner of the living room floor. ]

I've got my usual 2 days of stuff to pack. This would all fit extremely snugly into my standard o-n bag. There is still the problems with long distances through the Train station (currently posting that the elevator is out), several flights of stairs, and that last 1/4 mile outside in the Boston weather.

My Book Seller pals, will take away signed books and purchased books on Saturday night. So if I am going to purchase stuff at all, I need to do that early.

Right now, I'm leaning toward using a wheeled backpack that I own. Tonight I will need to test pack.
I'll still need a day-bag to hold my program & carry around stuff, and a second bag that I could use to hand off on Saturday night.
I have enough bags, but now I'm thinking that the wheeled backpack could be emptied, and re-purposed as my day bag... Oh wait I'll need to check out of the room early Sunday, and would need to check my bag (and coat).

So, for the authors that are there, and I don't bring the books, I'll have to use white paper. I had gotten a download of the program (where did I put that? hopefully on this computer). There are some good "readings", panels, and presentations. I will probably go to listen to Michael Wheland, Tom Kidd, and Alan Beck.

If anyone wants me to sit in on a panel, you have about a day to let me know, so that I can sit in and report back.
There were enough interesting panels that I was unable to volunteer enough hours to 'cover' next years membership.

Memorable was a showing of FANTASY ART, about how some of the modern masters in the field, balanced their work on the artists who came before.

The art show was fantastic, with Dave Seeley, Bob Eggelton, Tom Kidd, Alan Beck, Vincent deFate and Michael Whelan. There was a fantastic exhibition of Black & White illustrations including an original 1956 error Pogo comic strip.

Good panels on FANTASTIC BEASTS AND WHERE TO FIND THEM (I'll put that in the HP forum); "Cats and their affinity for authors & literary works". The "Book Club" discussed Sanderson's THE ARITHMATIST"; Artists did live demos (I only made it to the first 30 minutes of Bob Eggelton's demo), and crafters did hands on presentations (I was double booked for the button/beading workshop, but made the paint with wax workshop).

This convention had a marvelous ConSuite, stocked with real food (ok hard boiled eggs, peanut butter, and what had probably been sandwiches, but was lots of cheese) the best bread in the world, and some truly marvelous jams made by one of the guests: I don't normally like Marmalade, but the Blood Orange was out of this world, and I had it on raisin-apple bread. The Art show has a desert table with deserts from the Hotel, that even after the line was gone, provided me with more than enough sweets.

Friday afternoon was free to the public, and the Brandon Sanderson autograph line started an hour before the scheduled time. Luckily Brandon started signing a half hour before the scheduled time; but he was being very nice, allowing photos & personalizing everything. The line had to be capped off at 15 minutes before the scheduled end, and the Sunday line was long enough that it scrunched the Art Show close out.

There is no costume competition, but that didn't stop folks from wearing costumes, so I saw an angel, jedi, and several people that had to be careful on the escalators.

Kids made robots, silly hats, and generally roamed the 'Galaria' as free-range. [The Galaria hosts ConSuite, Art Show, Autographs, Dealers Area, children's programing, and craft workshops. Just outside are a half a dozen tables for future conventions & projects.]

This is my local convention for a reason, and other than being too tired for the parties, and even didn't stay up for the Radio Play, I had a great time.
PS: The wheeled backpack worked great, being a backpack for the staircases, and a wheeled bag for the walking stretches. I managed to get everything back-in-the bag for the trip home. [Making a Genie-back-in-bottle reference.]

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