I was traveling Thanksgiving holiday, and had the books that were on my Nook.

I started re-re-re-re-reading the TIME TRADER novels.

I had just reached the point were Ross was Rossa of the Beaker People.

Now I'm reading the book I bought when I was 'forced' to take a rest stop at the Barnes & Nobel that is about half way home.

But soon back to the Time Traders.
It was too long ago to be sure, but those were probably the books that first hooked me on Andre Norton. I also re-read them many times, but not in the last 10 years. Too bad my to-be-read pile of new books is so huge, because it would be nice to get back to that series again.

I also have a pile of to-be-read books that has exceeded the shelf space next to the comfy chair, and some are still in the bag from World Fantasy.

I had been slowly reading down the pile, but bogged down on a couple of them. Sadly depressing.
I found that I've stalled reading two of them, and an anthology seems to be about death-loss-sadness.

Luckily the book I was forced to purchase on Black Friday is a WAY more upbeat Bruce Coville book.

I may move the "stalled" and "sad" books to the "I'm done with these" pile, to be donated at the next convention.
Then back to TIME TRADERS.
Which Bruce Coville book is it? I'm always finding unexpected titles by him at library book sales.

Bruce Coville's CURSED - retitled of DIARY OF A MAD BROWNIE -
and HATCHED about a Griffin

Sadly the Barnes & Noble near Danbury CT is just about half way from Mom's to My house. [Over the river and through the woods. Yup. Yup. Yup.]
It is a perfect place for a comfort stop. As traditional: The walk out of the store forces you past all of the books.

Tonight, I might attempt the two-three books that I've gotten stuck on, and move them to the to-be-donated pile.
OR I really need to finish that sewing project.
After far too long on paperbackswap, I didn't find those, but did find several others by him I didn't have, mostly collections. I've put the ones you bought on hold at the local library. Will I get to them before you do?

Tee hee hee.

Too late. I finished the first of them yesterday, and the other the evening before. These are Junior books, after all. written for 10 year olds - with lots of neat, letters (to the parents of, to the day care center) as well as the diary entries, poems, art work & photographs. The best part are the letters to and from Bruce to the Brownie, where that Bruce guy is ghost writing a book for the Brownie.
Too late. .
I finished the first book in the series.

It is amazing how well the story holds up, [with the single non-science "time travel"].

The ideas of "sub", "helicopter", and "ray-guns" all hold up, and the flipping of random switches, still works in our 21st century mind view. And space ships, are still space ships with mysterious emergency escape pods, and pink gel.

The enemy being the "reds" still works, though the cold war isn't quite as icy as this would have it. [Pun intended - sorry.]

My only memory hiccup is that pink gel. Weren't Travis Fox and someone else tasting stuff in the hold of a ship? As long as that someone wasn't Ross, I'll need to keep reading.
I re-read The Time Traders (Baen ebook) over the weekend. Although it was written in 1958, I was struck by the accuracy of some of the predictions about space travel in our time. However, looking at some older version, I see that Baen modified the text to make it more accurate. Sigh.
rkomar Wrote:However, looking at some older version, I see that Baen modified the text to make it more accurate. Sigh.
That's so wrong... Sad
Oh (deep sigh). I think my ebook copy is the Baen collection. Now I need to stop reading the ebook, and pull the original off of the shelf.

I had gotten to the place, in book 2, where Travis Fox (apache and anthropologist) has joined the expedition traveling by foot across the plains.

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