Disney theme park Star Wars destroying Disney
Will this Theme parks additions make the park too expensive for the Average middle class Joes and their families?
Don't insult the precious, my precious!:book:
Isn't it already?
If I wanted to go to Disney for Star Wars, I would go to Disney. Tickets were already up around $80 to $100 depending on number of days.

I know when I last went, I only went to Epcot, and only needed one day. I haven't been in lots of years, and perhaps I'd be tempted by a Star Wars theme area.

I know that I have gone to Universal Studios twice since they added the Harry Potter worlds, and I hadn't been there for close to 20 years, until those opened.

Remember if you live in Florida (or California) the theme parks have special member rates.

For anyone else, you have transportation, hotel, food and then the theme park tickets.

I did my first Universal -HP world staying at a Ramada Inn - as part of Florida vacation which had been booked separately.
My most recent Universal-HP world visit, we stayed in the least expensive Park hotel, and for 3 nights inclusive of Park-to-Park passes.

Disney has similar Park-to-Park passes for the different worlds. but only on multi-day passes.

You do the math. Nothing is cheap.

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