Lucy Lawless and season 2 of "Ash vs. Evil Dead"
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Quote:Q::Season 2 of Ash vs Evil Dead premieres in October. Without spoiling anything, what can you tell us about the new season?

A: Super-high-octane! It’s like four times the size of last season. I don’t really know how that happened . . . it just evolved that way. The footage that we’re shooting, honestly, it’s like . . . two
Spartacus episodes crunched down into [a] half-hour of Evil Dead. It’s super-technical, it’s super-rewarding . . . it’s just ferocious this season. And very funny!

Q: A recurring figure in your career is producer Sam Raimi, creator of the Evil Dead universe, producer of Xena: Warrior Princess, and executive producer of Spartacus: Blood and Sand. How would you define Sam’s genius?

A: Sam is the ultimate kook. He’s a very unique individual. He’s kind of like Hollywood’s Mork from Ork—y’know, he’s been pulled out of another time and place. :bounce: :laugh:

Q: Your husband is Sam’s longtime collaborator Rob Tapert. How is it working with your spouse, and how does that blur the line between your personal and professional lives?

A: We work together great, because really our roles do not overlap. My role as an actress—that’s the easy bit. The much more demanding aspect of my, I say “job” in inverted commas, is being spouse of the producer—hearing the download of all the production issues and personnel issues and being supportive . . . not to get involved myself, but keeping everybody calm is what I do.

Q: Would you say you’ve been somewhat typecast over the years? If so, do you necessarily see that as a negative?

A: I suppose if you look at my major characters, I get cast as strong, slightly edgy, twisted people—or at least that’s what I try to bring to every role. No matter how she’s written,
I’ll try to find the twist on it and try to make them compelling and make a bad person likeable and a good person a little bit gritty. So in a way I’ve taken fate and run with it and tried to make as much of it as I could.

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