How hard it was to make LOTR movies
I recently review the videos in the trilogy on how they made the middle earth movies and it took a lot of people to make them and hard work. Does anyone else care to comment on all the work it took?
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I think the cast's and crew's own accounts probably tell vastly more than anything any of us could say, based on our reading or listening to their accounts. :poke:
Sean Astin wrote a whole book on his experiences, and I recommend it. Smile
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They had to invent new technologies and film production techniques to make the movies. And the preproduction planning was massive. They asked me research questions about things related to props and sets more than a year before filming began. The attention paid to details has still not received much publicity.

For example, as the director of the fan programming track for Tolkien and Middle-earth at Dragoncon I was able to bring in Karl Urban, Brad Dourif, and John Rhys-Davies (other programming tracks also wanted them as guests). They shared some insights with the fans that were just amazing even for fan audiences that had already heard so many stories about movies and television shows.

When I gave a lecture at the Houston Museum of Natural History in 2005 they gave me a private tour of the prop collection. I saw things in that room that were never shown to the public. It was a museum-quality collection. I don't know what the status is of the proposed Middle-earth Museum in New Zealand but one would hope that all those incredible props would finally be shown to the public when it opens.

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