Great Green turkey creek monster

Could this children book make a good horror story or science fiction T.V movie?
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It could be done but only if you remove the children's fantasy theme. I mean, the story itself could simply be adapted as a children's animation project and so remain faithful to the original. But if you're asking whether it could be turned into a more serious adult-oriented story, yes, I can see how elements of this could be used to construct a movie about something that grows throughout a town.

I could even envision a morality story. Suppose the people of the town discover the thing is not really hostile. Do they kill it to save themselves or do they find a way to live with it or do they find a way to help it move on to a better home? It would take a really good director and screenwriting team, people who treat the idea with due respect and seriousness. Most likely any attempt would probably fall far short of hopes and expectations. It's hard to get the film and TV industry to take any idea seriously enough without someone trying to improve it in some stupid way.

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