Jaws remake
Is this a good idea? Maybe where Jaws 2 left off and have Marty Brody (Roy Scheider) return and have Steven Spielberg direct?
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Key problems:

- Brody died of a heart attack between the events of Jaws 3 and 4.
- Roy Scheider died of cancer in 2008.
- the sequels made less and less $$ as they went along, and didn't develop any kind of following on tv in reruns or in dvd rentals and sales.
- Spielberg has no less than 17 other projects in development, and at 70, is surely going to slow down eventually, and concentrate only on things that have a likelier chance to succeed.
- the gimmick of the big shark attacking an unprepared vacation island was no longer a gimmick after a couple of films. So there's not really any story to continue.

However, the basic plot is still being used for lower budget films, so if you want sequels without the formal name "Jaws" but still the same basic formula of noble sheriff and teen kids vs. bloodthirsty creature
on the water, check out Shark Attack 1,2 and 3, and Lake Placid and its 4 sequels (just substitute crocodile for shark) as well as Dinocroc and its three sequels.
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I don't think "The Shallows" did very well at the box office. It's hard to make a good shark movie. To be honest, I don't even like shark movies. I finally watched "Jaws" years after it was old and wondered what all the excitement was about. Then again, I'm not a very big fan of 70s era movies. They were pretty low quality by my standards at the time.
Pretty much what August said--turn on the SyFy channel at any given time and you'll likely encounter some sort of Jaws movie. They're of varying degrees of quality and absurdity, but the basic premise is the same.
And indeed... here's this week's Syfy schedule, leading up to the premiere of Sharknado 4. I think most of these count as unofficial remakes of Jaws. Wink

Yesterday: Piranhaconda, Shark Assault, Robocroc, Dark Tide, Mega Shark vs Kolossus, 3-Headed Shark Attack, Dam Sharks! , Lake Placid 3, Lake Placid: The Final Chapter.

Today: 9 AM - Croc - A crocodile hunter (Michael Madsen) tracks a reptile menace at a beach resort. Peter Tuinstra, Sherry Phungprasert.

11 AM - Dinoshark - A dinosaur-shark hybrid terrorizes a resort in Mexico, and it's up to a young fishing-boat captain to stop it.

1 PM - Snakehead Swamp - Genetically altered snakehead fish bring terror to the swamps of Louisiana.

3 PM - Lake Placid 3 - A game warden (Colin Ferguson) moves into his aunt's lakeside cabin with his wife and young son, and the little boy feeds the resident baby crocodiles until they grow up into monstrous predators that become a menace to the family.

5 PM - Lake Placid: The Final Chapter - A new sheriff has a big problem on her hands when a poacher unleashes the wrath of giant crocodiles in the fourth installment of the campy horror movie franchise.

7 PM - Zombie Shark - A perfect getaway weekend turns into a nightmare for four friends who find themselves fighting for their lives against an experimental shark.

11 PM - Mega Shark vs. Kolossus - Russia's search for a new energy source accidentally reawakens a giant robot doomsday device from the Cold War. But that isn't the only threat to humanity when a new Mega Shark swims onto the scene.

1 AM - Bait - A powerful tsunami sends ocean waters rushing into an underground supermarket, prompting the terrified shoppers to fight for their lives as vicious man-eating sharks glide down the aisles in search of a fresh meal.

3 AM - Snakehead Terror - Mutant, amphibious snakehead fish feast on humans as they close in on a Maryland village where the only obstacle is the local sheriff (Bruce Boxleitner). Carol Alt. Doc Jenkins: William B. Davis. Luke: Ryan McDonell.
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And indeed, here is a list of 44 :eek: :laugh: shark-themed movies that Syfy is running this week.
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