Problem with never-ending download and 100% CPU
Over the last two days, if I leave the SF Fandom site up in a tab, it seems to be waiting to finish downloading forever, and firefox uses 100% CPU for it. If I hit the "Stop loading this page" button and leave the tab quickly, it stops using resources. If I come back to the tab, it will quickly revert to 100% CPU usage. It seems to be some problem with the advertisements.
Sorry. I missed this notification in my email. I was dealing with some botnet issues and quite distracted at the end of last month.

It's possible you were seeing a slow-loading bit of Javascript. We have no way to monitor or alter the ad scripts.

If you have installed any security software on your computer it might interfere with the performance of Javascript but I don't think it would have caused the 100% CPU usage. That usually is a sign of an interruption in the messaging between your computer and whatever is trying to load.

When a botnet attacks our server it CAN cause things to run slow and your computer might sit there and send a fetch request over and over again. We usually address these issues as soon as they come to our attention but sometimes it can take an hour or longer to get the problem under control. As long as the server is slow for you it's slow for us, and so blocking the rogue IP addresses takes a while. In the worst case scenario we may have to file several trouble tickets to have the server rebooted by the hosting company.
I encounter that with Firefox sometimes, too. Not so much on this site, but elsewhere.
Thanks for the reply. The problem did go away after a couple of days. You're right that it had something to do with endlessly trying to access some ad site (one of google's, I think). I'm surprised that it took so much CPU and persisted for hours, but I guess I shouldn't be as the code implementing ads just seems to get more complicated over time.
Just out of curiosity, do you have the Chrome browser installed, as well? I swear my Firefox always acts up more whenever I've got Chrome installed, too.
No, I don't. I just have firefox, and I use Linux. It's mysterious enough with just one browser, I don't want to think about interactions between them.

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