Reflective Dynamics and the Xenite.Org Network
Sooner or later people are going to start noticing changes in the ownership attribution for our Websites and wonder what is going on. Am I still here? Am I still involved? etc. etc.

Reflective Dynamics, Inc. is my company. I started it with a good friend of mine, Randy Ray, in 2012. We have been using it to build a consulting and Website portfolio management business for the past four years.

I finally decided to transfer the registrations for all the Xenite.Org Websites to Reflective Dynamics late last year. So I have not sold SF-Fandom and I'm still here as often as I can be. Xenite is still Xenite.

Anyway, I just wanted to put something on the record because I know eventually someone will think, 'Waitaminnit. Wasn't this Michael's site?'

Still is. Smile

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