TZ vs. NG
Which of Rod Serling's TV series was better?. I'm not sure and I think it might be a question of comparing apples and oranges. They had completely different formats. But if I had to choose, I would go with the 1st. Certainly, in my opinion, the 1st had the better theme music.
Yeah, it's hard to assess "better" since so much of that depends on personal taste. Obviously Zone lasted longer and got more viewers. Both attracted plenty of
talent in front of and behind the camera. Zone certainly has acquired more of a pop-culture legacy and influence, since people who've never seen it will
usually recognize the theme music, and will understand a reference to the title. Basically Gallery was just Zone on a different network,
in a different format, without as much creative control by Serling, and with more horror, less sci-fi.
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Twilight Zone=Night Gallery=The Outer Limits=Tales From the Crypt.

Did I miss any? :bg:
I watched "The Twilight Zone" while it was still in production for 1 season at the very beginning of my television viewing but saw it mostly in reruns. My mother and I watched the first season of "Night Gallery" together but we lost interest in the show. It was, in my opinion, a little less optimistic than "The Twilight Zone" had been. I have never really liked negative, depressing stories. But perhaps I judged it too harshly. I guess I'll never know as I have little desire to rewatch "Night Gallery" episodes.

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