Rowling reveal sad truth
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After a fan questioned Rowling about Hagrid's Patronas, a magical guardian containing all of the conjurer's most positive feelings. She wrote:

"Hagrid couldn't produce a Patronus. It's a very difficult spell."
And here I thought it was about the fact that everyone pronounces Voldemort wrong (she pronounces it as "Vol-de-mor" and we all say "Vol-de-mort").
And here I thought that we were not supposed to say the name out loud. Lest we be snatched....

I have a few authors that need to put pronunciation guides in the rear of their books.

I have ALWAYS been sure that I was mentally pronouncing names in the HP universe wrong. The difference between "Two nations divided by a common language." [a misquote of George Bernard Shaw]

And then, again, there is French and Bulgarian accents in the mix.
You know what bugs me about pronunciation guides? I can never understand them. If you use international diacritical markup it looks like gibberish to me. If you just capITalIZE some letters the words are hard to read and then you get into the disputes about whether AU should be pronounced like OWL or AWL, and then someone inevitably brings up unlauts, and someone else says ontogeny recapitulates phylogeny, and then ist ein ich bein berliner.

I am just sorry poor Hagrid could never produce a patronus, although I'm not sure any Dementor could actually have gotten his soul out of him.
What JKR didn't reveal is that Since Hagrid couldn't produce a Patronus to chase away the Dementors, she let him roll a D20 and cast Magic Missile. Later Kind Folks--Paul
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