What Tolkien books or other movies you want Peter Jackson to make? Who should be in them?
He said he won't make any more Tolkien books without copyright but I wish he just do the story of Beren and Luthien. Beren: Bradley Cooper or Dave Baptista. I have a thing for the GOTG. Luthien: Zooey Deschanel.
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Actually, I read somewhere that he is supposedly mulling over new ideas for Middle-earth movies. Don't have the link because I was just glancing at headlines. Technically, Peter Jackson (or whomever) could make films about any incident or character mentioned in either The Hobbit or The Lord of the Rings.
Maybe he should try doing movies based on old video games like the Immortal also known also the Wizard of Immortal.
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Whatever he decides to do next I sincerely hope it isn't anything based on Tolkien. The LOTR and Hobbit movies (especially the later) were more than enough from Peter Jackson in that world, thank you.
I admire those movies and his body of work very much, but I agree. Six films totalling, what, 17+ hours, is enough I think. Smile Time for Jackson to create something of his own again.
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Some people have argued that Mr. Jackson DID create something of his own with the LoTR/Hobbit movies. :wicked: :lol:
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After the way he bloated The Hobbit, he'd make Beren and Luthien into a ten-part miniseries with side stories on all the minor characters, including an entire episode dedicated to Huan's puppyhood. No thanks. Time for him to move on.
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You could almost launch an entire cable network called "Middle-earth Television" based on all the stories, story ideas, and random anecdotes Tolkien scattered across his writings. I imagine we could spend years watching shows like:


A vagabond warband of Orcs hunt for a new home after their empire has been defeated by an alliance of Elves and Men. Slowly, over 3-7 seasons, they realize that they, too, deserve better lives and only want to live peacefully far from the madding world. But will a world filled with vengeful men, elves, and dwarves let them be?

Rangers of the North

Centuries before Aragorn reclaimed the thrones of Gondor and Arnor the Rangers of the North defended small lands like Bree, Tharbad, and the Shire against terrible monsters, outlaws, and a growing menace among the Orcs of Mount Gram. Ilvagor, a descendant of Isildur, wages a constant campaign against the forces of darkness while searching for his childhood sweetheart, who vanished mysteriously during an Orc raid.

Rebellion: The Noldor

Feanor leads his people out of Valinor in wrath, turning upon friend and kin alike if they stand in his way. Upon returning to Middle-earth he is slain in battle. It falls to his son Maedhros to make peace with uncle Fingolfin and forge a new alliance among the exiled Noldor, who are landless and lost in a new world they don't recognize.

Aldarion, the Voyager

Inspired by his grandfather's adventures, young Aldarion sets sail for Middle-earth, seeking new lands and new peoples. His adventures carry him far from the safe shores of Numenor and deep into dangerous lands his ancestors never knew.


The last of the rebellious leaders of the Noldor to survive the dreadful First Age, Galadriel sets out with Celeborn from Harlindon to find a new home and renewed purpose in Middle-earth, where she is doomed to remain forever, even until she fades. Her thoughts are haunted by the terrible choice she has made.

The Secrets of Dorwinion

Igolad is a wandering Elf with a secret: he is the younger son of the King of Dorwinion, an outcast from his own society because he dared spare the life of an Orc who murdered one of his father's closest friends. Now pursued by Elves and Orcs alike, Igolad seeks allies and a place of refuge as Gondor's armies rage across the land and Easterling tribes threaten the west. But Igolad harbors a deeper secret, the ancient talisman of his people that his father's friend was about to sell to a mysterious dark lord called the Necromancer. Now everyone wants the talisman and they think Igolad stole it. Can he redeem himself? Can he save Dorwinion from destruction?

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