Somnio - Indie SF film seeking final post-production funding
Travis Milloy, the creator of Pandorum, starring Dennis Quaid and Ben Foster, seeks your support to complete post-production for a low-budget, feature length sci-fi thriller called Somnio.


Filming all complete, now seeking post production funds via a Kickstarter campaign to complete the movie. Funds will be used for musical score, sound design, color correction, ADR, mixing, film festival promotion and marketing.

Film Story

One man is held captive in a futuristic, automated prison, kept alive by a computerized jailer. His only means of psychological escape is to live in an imaginary world with the woman he loves. He suspects a catastrophic event has occurred to the outside world and he is forced to outsmart a security computer in order to escape back to a world and a woman that may already be gone.

(I'm not Travis but I'm involved in the film!)
I'm delighted to say that the funding target was reached with nearly two weeks to spare. I don't know if anybody on this forum contributed, but if you did my thanks go to you, and I really hope you enjoy the film when it eventually comes out!
Congratulations on the funding success. Good luck with the production and please be sure to keep us informed of progress.
Thank you! I shall.
Somnio has been completed and has already appeared in two US film festivals, winning best screenplay at Boston SciFi and the Audience Award at Fantastic Film in Little Rock, Arkansas.


Next it's due to be shown at Sci-Fi London at 7pm on Saturday 30th April -

Now looking for distribution deals!
The completed version of Somnio, in 4K with original soundtrack, was shown to great acclaim at Sci-Fi London film festival on Saturday 30th April:

Excellent review here:
Well, over a year later I can finally give a major and very exciting update.

Somnio secured a distribution deal and is now renamed Infinity Chamber, with a September release date.

Congratulations. I looked for a trailer online but couldn't find one. I hope you can share one soon.

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