The John Carter film that could have been
There are assorted stories about the decades of projects that fell into development limbo, most of them animated, that could have brought the Mars books to the big screen.

At one point, c. 2006, Kerry Conran, the guy behind Sky Captain, was set to direct, post-Rodriguez, pre-Favreau. There's an almost-7-minute long concept treatment, mainly animated, at Blastr.

It looks very faithful to the Frazetta drawings, which is what Rodriguez would have done as well. Given that Sky Captain was a bomb, however technologically innovative it was, and that Conran has never made another feature, this sadly might not have fared any better.
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Over 100,000 people have watched the video on YouTube.

Watch Kerry Conran "John Carter" presentation reel from YouTube
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I really liked Sky Captain, I would have liked to see those guys head up a John Carter movie.

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