My Review of "Jurassic World" - ICK
I saw "Jurassic World" yesterday and have to say that I came away disappointed, although I think other people may enjoy it. I was disappointed because it was so formulaic and homage-laden that I kept wondering when or if the story would ever branch out on its own thread. Never happened.

Steven Spielberg slipped so many references to other things into the movie that he forgot to plan a real movie. Hollywood's fascination with the homage is sometimes harmless but in many cases just plucks the enjoyment of a movie right out of the audiences' hands and hearts.

We sat in a fairly full but not sold-out theater. The banter of the children was easily understandable, because the adults were kind of dumbstruck by the sheer stupidity of it all. Not that "Jurassic World" is a "kiddie movie". It's just that the story lurches from one implausible scene to the next.

You had the usual repertoire of unthinking idiotic decision-makers in the cast of dumb characters. Chris Pratt seemed out of place because his was the only character who ever pointed out the obvious: these animals want to eat you. Everyone else was like, "Oh, cool, dumb dinosaurs, here little dino, pretty little dinosaur, ACK--!"

It's hard to talk about the serious deficiencies in the plot without giving away the storyline -- oh, wait, you KNOW the storyline. A bunch of greedy, idiotic people revive dinosaurs from ancient DNA and put them on display for thousands of really stupid people who strand themselves on a remote island with no way off.

What bothered me most, other than the fact that the idiot corporate greed-mongers learned nothing from the last three times dinosaurs ate lots of people, is that these idiot corporate greed-mongers COMPETED with each other to see who could be the most daring and stupid at the same time.

I have no idea of what Bryce Dallas Howard was supposed to be doing in the movie. The ending made no sense because her character kind of slalomed around in pretentious subplots that had no meaning or relevance to what was happening around her. This was about the worst-written big budget movie I have seen in a long, long time.

Irrfan Khan is the only actor whose character actually demonstrates growth in the storyline. He is affable, charming, and quite an audience-pleaser. You just don't know what to think of his character, who is some sort of billionaire rich-boy John Hammond wannabe. It's a shame how they treated his character because it was the only one that looked like it was going to pull through (other than untouchable Chris Pratt's Owen).

If you have seen the first three Jurassic movies you have seen everything they utilized in this movie. There is nothing new except the facts that they have an experimental hybrid dinosaur (whose genetic makeup is so secret even the people who paid for it don't know what it is made from -- WTF is that, Mr. Spielberg?) and they finally have a theme-park loaded with thousands of gawking people who don't seem to realize that dinosaurs eat people.

How can 20,000 people have missed the first three movies in this franchise?

I must say, though, that I was quite impressed with the homages to "Dinotopia". It never would have occurred to me to take the Jurassic franchise in that direction. But, what the hey, you have to do something different and when you spend almost $200 million making an unoriginal movie you might as well give a nod to a better-made television miniseries.

I am sure "Jurassic World" will make lots of money because people like dinosaurs. But the only incorrect prediction I made as the movie unfolded concerned a dinosaur and a river. I was wrong about that. Everything else was taken from the first three movies, and "Dinotopia", almost literally.

I can't say enough good things about the movie because, frankly, I can't think of any.
It would seem the world did not agree with this review.
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I stand by what I wrote. I think people just wanted to go see the dinosaurs. Frankly, I enjoyed the "Dinotopia" mini-series much more.
:lol: :laugh: :bounce: It would seem you're of two minds on this one! :crazy:
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These films are disappointing because not everyone gets eaten! (lol). Judging from the trailer, Jurassic World is a very exciting movey. I have complaints about this series because it is rated G or GP, when it should be rated R. Dinotopia was a very good special series.
The dinosaurs are bigger, better, and more voracious. Everyone roots for the dinos so they can write off the humans. I think Hollywood has figured out to tap into an anthropomorphic empathy in the audience with Jurassic dinosaurs. All that was missing was Jeff Goldbloom lecturing everyone on how he told them so (again).
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Can't say I disagree with anything Michael said. The story is really weak, but the same can be said for the other movies in the series (at least 1st & 3rd, I've not seen the 2nd). I
didn't feel that there was ever anything more than superficial character development in those other movies, they just had the benefit a better cast to carry them; drop
Jeff Goldblum or William H. Macy into any film, and it immediately gets better.

I confess I enjoyed every minute of the movie. Chris Pratt riding around on a Triumph motorcycle and dinosaurs ripping stuff up is pretty much exactly what I paid for. However, I
love B-movies, and the ending of Jurassic World was straight of of a Godzilla movie. So it shouldn't be a surprise that this appeals to me. :bg:
The Jurassic movie franchise has something in common with the Firefly/Serenity franchise: everyone roots for the bad guys.
I was really looking forward to this movie, but was disappointed in several aspects as well. Michael is 100% correct in that it was WAY too referential. You need some of that for the fans, but have to balance it with something new. The first movie of the new Star Trek franchise is a good example of that balance, I think. This movie just out and out copied the first JP in many instances. Also, although the secondary casting was quite good, who the heck cast the four main characters ? I felt no empathy for any of them, except maybe Chris Pratt ( but I just personally like a good velociraptor whisperer ). That being said, I do love when dinos go wild. I also would have liked them to spend a little more time exploring the actual attractions...I wanted to feel like I was there. Smile
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dasher Wrote:That being said, I do love when dinos go wild.

I'm somehow picturing dinos on spring break in Cancun, preparing to flash the camera....

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I heard it will be getting worse. Besides the fact that three years olds are using Pratt's raptor techinques on their toy dinos, their pet dogs and even strays, the future movies will have them mutant into half lizard crearture like Lizardman in the Spiderman movie.
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