Dane Thornson vs Mal Reynolds
It is my theory that the original Browncoats were the crew of of the Solar Queen. What do you think?
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Interesting concept. Certainly, they are similar characters in similar roles, I just do not know if anyone else every wrote using a merchant ship in the future. Almost all of the other mentions of a trader ship use them as incidental characters, while the main characters are interstellar police or military. I wonder if anyone else knows of an earlier book or series about merchant space travelers, either corporate or independent - I realize that in modern scifi, there are many examples, but I mean before Solar Queen. The only firsts that I know Andre has been credited with are the first use of D&D in a book and the first use of parallel universe traveling (Crosstime). I realize that there were other books using gates to something similar to parallel universe, but only as a single setting (I think). She was also one of the first writers in fantasy to use a female protagonist, and to use a black scifi protagonist and an American Indian (Native American) protagonist. But I think she was only one of the firsts for those. I am not sure.
In Asimov's Foundation series, one phase involved space traders growing the Foundation's influence in the periphery of the Empire. The original serialized versions came out in the 1940's, so I think they predate Norton's scifi.
It has nothing to do with traders, but Andre was writing SF in the thirties. Operation Time Search was first submitted to a publisher in 1934. Of course, it didn't come out until 1967. Who knows what other SF she might have written that never got published? I had never thought of comparing Firefly to Solar Queen, but y'all have a good point. However, I can't picture Craig Tau as Simon Tam (LOL) Later Kind Folks--Paul
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