Should Animes have live action version adaptions like Fairy tales cartoons?
There has been many live action adaptions of fairytale cartoons and yet there has been any attempt to do animes that are more grown up stories? Would that be a good idea?
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I think it would depend on the anime. And for what audience should such live-action productions be made? The Power Rangers shows were popular with kids and they are sort of live-action. But I don't think you can get many adults to sit through all those episodes. They would probably have to go for something like the look and feel of the Marvel superhero movies for big successful films.
Sometimes it's best to leave things be. Thankfully Cowboy Bebop would be so expensive to produce in live action that it's kept studios away. Unfortunately the same can't be said for Ghost in the Shell, which looks like it's well on its way to a dumbed-down, westernized adaptation.
It could be argued that the current roster of superhero movies are only a step away from live-action anime. Certainly bringing the Hulk to the big screen (or the Thing in "Fantastic Four") live action film is comparable to what it would take to do a lot of anime stories as live action movies.

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