Andre Reading Club--The Warding of Witch World
Ok folks here it is all 590 pages. This is not to be taken lightly. If you haven't read any witch World stories, you will be totally confused. for best results one needs(or at least it helps) to have read:
Witch World
Web of The Witch World
Three Against The Witch World
Sorceress of the Witch World
Year of the Unicorn
The Gryphon trilogy
The Port of Dead Ships
Sand Sister
The Jargoon Pard
The Key of the Keplian
The Magestone
Another thing you can do is to have the Andre Norton website open to Juanita's Witch World Index to check out who's who as you are reading

There are three prologues, each introducing a character to focus on later. The first chapters tell how the loss of the magestone has cracked open some of the sealed gates and let forces of the DARK into the world. A decision if made to hunt out all the active gates and seal or destroy them. From page 71 to page 230 tells of the quest through Karsten and and points south. This is a fantastic group, including the witch, Mouse, an Alizondern girl, Liara, Lady Eleeri and Lord Romar and the Keplians they ride. Simon's grandson,Keris Tregarth learns, on this trip, that he is more than he thinks and has to face the ultimate peril. then there is a six-page interlude to catch up wit happenings in Lormt. From page 227 to page 408 we follow all the trials and tribulations of Kethan, the were-pard, and Firdun of the House of Gryphon, Uta the large black cat who has her own secrets as they leave Arvon and traverse the Waste following the forces of DARK toward another Gate. Of course, they have to hope that the Adept Hilarion can figure out just how a Gate can be sealed or destroyed and relay the information across the ocean to this intrepid group. Another six-page interlude from Es City. From page 415 to page 583 We follow Simond, son of Koris of Gorm, his wife Trusla, the witch Frost and several Sulcars to handle the troubles in the frozen area west/northwest of Alizon. Epilogue follows. There is lots and lots and lots of action and dangers aplenty for our beloved characters to face. While this is not a book I'd recommend to anyone who has never read Norton, for her tried and true fans , it is treat. Considering the scope of the Witch World, this is an admirable effort to tie it all together, so to any nit-pickers, I beg you to just enjoy the book. Later Kind Folks--Paul :book:

Next: Three Hands For Scorpio.
Frontiers of any type, physical or mental are but a challenge to our breed. Nothing can stop th questing of man, not even man. If we will it, not only the wonders of space, but the very stars are ours
I was excited when I read this book because it finally brought together a lot of the threads that I had always wanted to see combined. But that also had an effect if shrinking the Witch World for me. One of the things I always liked about the Witch World was that Andre could set so many stories and characters in it without their having to cross paths.

Warding broke that distance, although it did so in a logical way. But Witch World just seemed smaller to me after I read this book, and I could not help feeling a sense of loss with it. I told a friend of mine at the time that I kept hoping for more "new" stuff in the Witch World (from Andre, not the collaborators) and she pointed out to me that Andre was getting old and had become tired. That's not quite the way she put it, but the whole thing was just becoming too big for her.

Andre took a brave step and opened up her world to other writers. They have not brought it forward since her death but Tolkien fans often express frustration at how his world remained so unfinished. The attempts to extend it by fan fiction, commentary, and movie are -- of course -- controversial. But Middle-earth remains a living world.

Witch World seems to have fizzled. We can speculate on why that might be so but I think one of the chief reasons is that Andre sort of closed the doors on the audience with this book.
I have always felt that there were more "gates" that might open, and plenty of areas where dragons might still be found.

WARDING tied off knots in dangling threads, and closed many gates (besides being a series of disjointed mini-stories). It was that culmination of all of the portents and omens coming [and here my analogy fails] to a culmination. Heros arrising to face some giant task.

PS: I'm re-reading SCENT OF MAGIC right now, and am loving it. Especially so, since I don't remember what will happen next.
I'm a nit-picker. I thought the idea behind the book was interesting, and I'd love to see more of the characters from different areas working together, but there were other things in the book that did not make sense or would not work with various chronologies.
And to get really nit-picky, the title of the novel (at least on my hardcover first edition) is The Warding of Witch World...even though the trilogy is called Secrets of *the* Witch World. Did it get changed for the paperback? I know the first Preston and Child thriller is called either Relic or The Relic, depending on which edition you pick up...
When you're right you're right, Jim. My bad. Wasn't paying attention. Irene, could you please correct the thread title? Thanks--Paul
Frontiers of any type, physical or mental are but a challenge to our breed. Nothing can stop th questing of man, not even man. If we will it, not only the wonders of space, but the very stars are ours
Well what do you know. My "notes" had that extra The. Only after wandering around the house (working from home part day), did I check both the Hard Cover and Paper editions.


I'll see if I can rename the thread. Probably not.
Irene, I'm sorry you had to fix every entry in this thread individually!!!
No problems. There was probably a more elegant way to do this. I just couldn't think of one.
Hi, Irene,

Are you dug out yet?

Did you make it to Boskone? How was it?

So sorry. I "blogged" the Boskone weekend to Sharon Lee, and forgot to give a "Snow report" here.

1) There are Snow Elves that visit my house for every snow storm.. I walk "gas" checks over in exchange. [Neighbor's son, gets a good angle from the street, and plows across two driveways & piles it up on my front yard. Next step is to drive into my driveway, drop the plow and drag the snow out.Then he or his daughter, get out the snow blower, and do the sidewalk.

So I don't normally shovel out... Other than sometimes shoveling before the elves, doing the steps, the area under the car-port, and that note from the Oil-guy that I need to make a path to the feed pipe.

2) Boskone was very quiet. Lots of people canceled. Sad mostly for the Book-dealers and artists. Slow sales.
I got wimpy, and drove into Boston a full day early. That reservation had to be for the overflow hotel. But I was able to park my car in the Subway station Parking garage & was in my hotel by 5:30 PM. The next morning, during breakfast, I extended my hotel nights in the primary hotel for one additional night (through Sunday).
The 3 block walk between hotels was nasty. I had my overnight bag, convention day bag, hat, scarf, sweatshirt, hooded wind proof coat, boots, and heavy jeans. The worst place was walking Over the wind-tunnel caused by the highway. I arrived, and switched to sneakers & removed most of the layers... dripping snow everywhere.
So I began to worry about stuff. Like would I ever see my auto again? Boston Mayor & transit authority, closed down the trains, subway, busses & ferries for Sunday. Luckily, my auto was in a legal parking space in a parking garage. If you parked on the outdoor parking, or in the garage overflow (some spaces around the outside of the building are OK on normal days), you had to move your vehicle on Saturday - and the Hotel parking was already full. Now what happens for Monday? If the Subway is still closed - will the parking garage be open to let me get my car out?
All things ended well. I got a ride to the Parking Garage, and was out & on the road by 11 AM.
So - believe all of those pictures of Snow in Boston. I heard all of the stories, and watched horizontal snow from my hotel, and saw the non-passable side streets from the highway. Boston has turned some lots (like the one at Fenway) into "Snow Farms". Makes me think that Atlanta might be a nice place to live.
Irene opines:

"Makes me think that Atlanta might be a nice place to live."

Hey, any time. I have a sleeper-sofa and a daybed with your name on them, both in rooms the cat isn't allowed in. I also have an experienced real estate attorney who'd love to help you house-hunt. Just sayin'.

I'm glad you made it home safely.


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