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I wanted to ask about the proper way to contact an admin about possibly becoming a contest sponsor. I looked for a contact forum but couldn't locate one. I'm a Game Developer currently doing a contract as Relations Manager with a game studio. Our thought is to ask forums to host a small contest in keeping with their guidelines and format that would allow us a bit of discussion about our game. I've done lots of forum work over more than a decade now so I'm sympathetic to the limits imposed on users and understand their purpose. I'm using some of my experience to look for forums that might be a suitable match. The SF Fandom seems an ideal audience for one of our space themed social games.

Apologies if I'm vague on the details, to be respectful of forum rules I'm avoiding name dropping or site links. I'm simply hoping to start a discussion. In the meantime I'll join some of the conversations and enjoy the site.

The contact link is buried at the bottom of the page. I should probably copy it to the main menu. Sorry.

Use this link to send us a message explaining what you have in mind. We don't have much of a gaming community around here but we have connections with some other Websites. Maybe we can help you promote the game.
Thanks, I'll use the form and we can discuss the idea further.
There was a death in the family and that has affected our ability to respond to emails. Please accept our apologies for the delay.
Writing about Science Fiction and Fantasy films.
Uh, I'm so sorry. Got the email. Will reply later today.

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