Xenite.Org Science Fiction & Fantasy Movies Portal Relaunched
In what little spare time I have I have been working on bringing some of Xenite.Org's older sections up-to-date. The SciFi Movies Portal has been relaunched on Wordpress (it's mobile-friendly now) and a lot of content has been added to the archive. You can now watch several hours of video on the various pages.

The portal has always been seen as a living project but the old design required too much effort to update it so it finally just had to go.

The portal links out to content elsewhere on Xenite.Org but also contains its own dedicated sections. Here is what you can find there now:

The Mothman Prophecies. This is the original site that we published on Xenite.Org when the studio's PR agency contacted us with an invitation to participate in a free promotional campaign. They gave us all that material and permission to use it to build that site. The Mothman Prophecies site has been one of Xenite.Org's most popular sections for many years.

Pirates of Venus. This is the news site we put up to help Angelic Pictures promote the project when it seemed likely to happen. Unfortunately it looks like these movies will never be made. We had an interview with the producers that you can still read.

We may add some more information about the POV books at some point.

John Carter of Mars. This was the last original section to be added to the old portal. Because Andrew Stanton refused to engage with online fandom there was virtually nothing to say about the movies for two years, so this site quickly lost its audience. We will give thought to expanding the content in coming months because there is actually a lot we can do with it despite the failure of Stanton's "John Carter" franchise.

Middle-earth Movies. This is our latest addition to the portal. You can read about all eight (8) Peter Jackson-era movies based on J.R.R. Tolkien's The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings. The two you're not sure about are "The Hunt for Gollum" and "Born of Hope" (the latter of which was assisted by Peter's WETA Workshop).

Marvel Movies. It was tough to name this one because it really doesn't yet include information on ALL the Marvel-inspired movies but we have made a good start. This is the section we expect to grow the most in the coming years.

We do plan to add more sections, though. It will just take time but at least now that the site is published in a proper CMS we can do that fairly easily. I love hand-coding Websites because you can do so much that way, but once you get up into the 10s of thousands of pages of content that just becomes very impractical.

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