Video: 1999 SciFi indie film "Lost: The Black Earth"
Producer/director James Cole and a cast of dozens filmed this low budget movie ($10,000 AU) on weekends over about 6 months in 1999. He shared the movie on YouTube and has endured a mix of insults and supportive remarks. If you're hoping for a Hollywood-style feature movie loaded with award-winning actors and special effects, give it up. This is raw creativity put together by people on the cutting edge of digital technology back when it was still relatively new and beyond the reach of most amateur film-makers.

Watch Lost: Black Earth - The FULL Sci-Fi Action movie from YouTube
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Lost: Black Earth - The FULL Sci-Fi Action movie

You can see what James Cole is doing now, 15 years later, by visiting his production company's Website:
Writing about Science Fiction and Fantasy films.
I have seen worse. I can see why he is apologetic about this movie but it's really not THAT bad. I mean, you can watch kids playing in their backyards on YouTube if you enjoy watching low-quality productions. As long as people have fun and they move on it's all good.

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