Latest Andre Norton Collection
I purchased the latest Andre Norton Collection this weekend.

It starts with the Poems, and moves on through stories that were published in some of Ms Norton's anthologies (MAGIC IN IKTHOR etc)

I'm still a bit 'convention lagged', but I was a bit perturbed to be paying $23, for a thin Trade paperback. Though I suppose that for most of us, just the inclusion of the poems would make purchasing the book, and paying the high fee, justified.

Tomorrow, I'll bring in the exact title & publication material tomorrow (after more sleep, and further unpacking).
I'm just not sure of what the complaint is

9 short stories that have only appeared in rather rare anthologies once before, 4 poems that only appeared once and are not just rare but very rare, and 3 shorts that have only appeared in out-of-print anthologies by Andre. Plus I can find many places where "Tales from High Hallack: volume 2" is only $16.00.

If you want the titles and publishing info go here []

Or here if you want the exact page "Tales from High Hallack: volume 2"
"Not everything that can be counted counts and not everything that counts can be counted"
Andre Norton's website -
High cost is my compaint. Most Trade paperbacks cost about $18. This one doesn't even have the price on the spine.
I don't know what "place" you can find the lower price, but from Larry Smith Bookseller, a standard specialty store, where they have to pay the publisher's price, the price seemed high.

Admittedly, reading most of these stories again has been enjoyable. I'm about to read "A Very Dickensy Christmas", and remember enjoying it years ago (certainly before Ms. Norton sold the library).

The collected short stories of Andre Norton
Volume 2
copyright 2014 Andre Norton Estate
Print ISBN: 978-1-62467-242-2
Premier Publishing
Well lets see

Amazon = $17.34 new

Other Sellers on Amazon = less than that for NEW copy - as low as $13.66

Barns and Noble = $10.24 new

I think maybe your fancy book store is priced to high.

Also - Premier Digital Publishing is no longer - They sold their library to Open Road Media who (as of July 1st) has re-listed everything with new ISBN numbers.
"Not everything that can be counted counts and not everything that counts can be counted"
Andre Norton's website -
Lots-A-Watts Wrote:Also - Premier Digital Publishing is no longer - They sold their library to Open Road Media who (as of July 1st) has re-listed everything with new ISBN numbers.

That probably explains why so many of Norton's ebooks disappeared from Google Play for a while, but appeared again recently. They had me worried there, for a bit. Thanks for the info.
Lots-A-Watts Wrote:I think maybe your fancy book store is priced too high.
While it's wonderful to get a discount on the things we buy (and I shop at Amazon too), if we do not support our specialty bookstores, one day in the not too distant future, they won't be there for us!
I was in Barnes & Nobel last week, and didn't see the book.

So at ReaderCon, I went to Larry Smith Bookseller. Larry carries all publishers, and I mean all of the ones that print Science Fiction.
However, Larry is a small independend bookseller, and has to pay the straight price. This means that he has to charge his customers the publisher price.

Barnes & Nobel, web site prices need to be examined carefully. There is a $10 price, there is also the $17 price.
In any case, Barnes & Nobel & Amazon are large bookseller, and they often get discounts. AND when I visited them on Thursday, though I did find three other books that I needed (and bought with my B&N discount & coupon), I didn't see this one.

While I would be the person that you see in a brick-and-mortar book store comfortably sitting on the floor browsing thru books for hours on end, I have no choice anymore but to shop online for books. Over the past 15 years every book store that was within 1 1/2 hours drive from my house has closed down, including the used book stores.

I much rather have a book in my hand than some electronic device but that is getting harder and harder now-a-days. If you show up somewhere with an actual book in hand you get looked at like some Luddite.

At least my kindle has the look and weight of a book (by look I mean the screen). I will never be able to read a book on a phone or computer, seems it messes with my eyes. I had a Sony E-reader but for some reason it was too difficult to look at for long periods. My kindle (I will never purchase anything by Apple) seems to be the ticket for anything other than Norton stories, I just can't bring myself to read her works on some device.

But I have to say the same for my favorite topic - History - I have to read that in book form or I don't seem to retain it. (Now explain that)

I have learned over the years not to purchase anything from a brick-and-mortar store without shopping around. As for the fancy book stores prices being to high - if they are charging $4.00 to $5.00 over suggested retail then their overhead is to high and I will shop elsewhere. I am not a big fan of online stores or big box stores, but I am a bigger fan of holding on to as much coin as I can while still getting what I want.

Thank the lord of print - "Tales from High Hallack" is done in print form even it is in paperback - (The Estate is looking into a one volume Hardcover - so we shall see)
"Not everything that can be counted counts and not everything that counts can be counted"
Andre Norton's website -
Irene, I'm glad you saw Larry & gave him some business. Were they doing good business? Was he in good spirits? I've heard his health hasn't been so good lately.

Lots-A-Watts Wrote:(The Estate is looking into a one volume Hardcover - so we shall see)
Ooh ooh ooh! :hellohands::hellohands::hellohands:
Larry Smith Booksellers is not a Brick-and-Mortor store. They are a Wood-Wire-shelves-and-Van-with-Wheels store.
Larry Smith Booksellers, sells EVERY publisher of SF, Fantasy, some mystery, some romance(with fantasy). I mean EVERY publisher. If Larry isn't selling it, he is either out of stock, or it doesn't exist.

Larry himself was in fine form. Even when he is cheerful, he is grumpy. Sally Kobbe was cheerful. So that is a good sign.
Larry did complain that the High end of the alphabet was selling [W-Z hardcovers], but not the A-G hardcovers. He was also selling out of some stuff, and admitting that he wasn't omniscient -in that he couldn't always guess on what would sell, sell out, or be asked for.
The stacks of books (waiting to be purchased by people to lazy to carry 10 books around for the weekend, while they might just add one more book to the pile), wasn't as high as I have seen it, and the line of people waiting to purchase books wasn't as long as I have seen it, but there seemed to be a steady bunch of customers.

I may take Jerrie's request to heart & write up something about "books in and books out" starting with ReaderCon.

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