"Maleficent" homages to film and story
Here is a partial list of homages (or strong similarities to other movies/stories) that I noticed in "Maleficent".
  • The moors where the fairy-folk live resemble Pandora in "Avatar". Director Robert Stromberg was a production designer on on "Avatar".
  • The river dividing the two kingdoms resembles the river in the Disney movie intro logo.
  • The border wardens' faces look like the Balrog from "The Lord of the Rings". They also happen to be walking trees.
  • When Maleficent is fighting with Stefan at the top of the castle, she says "It's over" and turns away; he then attacks her, and she sends him falling to his death (as in "Beauty and the Beast").
  • Angelina Jolie's wings resemble the wings of Chernabog from "Fantasia". She even expands them slowly as he does when he first wakes up.
  • The old narrator's voice is similar to that of Jeanne Moreau, who played the "Grande Dame" (Cinderella's great-great-granddaughter) in "Ever After". The movie ends with a similar narrative exit.
  • As King Henry lays dying in his bed he tells his vassals that the man who kills Maleficent will succeed him. Stefan, the lowly servant, is the one who does this (much like Tristan succeeds his grandfather in "Stardust" after his uncles all fail die trying to succeed their father).
  • Instead of killing Maleficent, Stefan takes her wings and presents them to King Henry. This is similar to the plot of the children's story "Wings for the King" by Anne Sroda, in which Isaac Summerville brings the bored king a bag of books (instead of wings that actually enable him to fly).
  • When Knotgrass (Imelda Staunton) is arguing with the other fairies in the cottage she briefly assumes a frowning expression exactly like one she used in "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix" (where she played Dolores Umbridge). This may simply be the way Staunton frowns for the screen and is not necessarily an homage.
  • When Stefan steps through the fire in his armor he resembles Sauron (I think this unintentional but it is a very Sauronic image)
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I didn't notice the border wardens look like Balrogs. They are walking trees like the ents and Groot. It was interesting that Maleficient thought Stefan was rude for calling them ugly, and told them not to listen to him. She told them they were classically handsome more something I would say about Groot.
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The dying king motif is actually very common in fairy tales. I'm not sure that is really an homage to "Stardust".

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