TIPS For Authors Who Want to Promote Their Books in Forums
We see many authors visiting SF Fandom in the hope of attracting attention to their books with quick forum announcements. Most of the time these announcements are unsuccessful. We want to provide some helpful advice to inexperienced authors to help them promote their books.

SF Fandom is a Community, Not a Bulletin Board in a Park

In any Web forum the intent of members is to share their thoughts and information. It is not to be selfish and only promote their own works. You may believe that you must publish announcements in as many forums as you can but the truth is that you will be banned from most forums and your announcements will be deleted. Too many authors waste a lot of their time with self-serving announcements.

The best way to promote a book in a Web forum is to participate in the community for at least a few weeks. You may find you do not enjoy that community and you will then want to move on. This is perfectly normal.

While you are participating in the discussions you may be permitted to link to your official author Website in your forum signature. A modest link works better than a high-pressure sales advertisement.

If you treat a Web forum as if it is no better than a bulletin board for posting notices your notices will be ignored and most likely removed very soon after you leave them.

Most People Lurk in Web Forums
On every forum about 19 out of 20 people do not post anything. You may see little activity in a Web forum but rest assured people visit there throughout the day. Many forums are promoted by other Websites. Many forums receive visitors from Bing and Google.

Do not be put off by the apparent inactivity of a forum. People come and go and if they have something exciting to share they will share it. But most importantly others will read what is shared.

Some topics will be more popular than others.

You should respect the interests of the silent majorities because they are as likely to click on the links to your Websites as anyone who participates in a discussion.

What Every Author Can Share About Herself in a Forum

It is courteous to let members of a forum you have just joined know that you are an author. The forum may have an "introduce yourself" thread or section. Although SF Fandom does not, you are always welcome to start a thread about your writing career in this Science Fiction and Fantasy Authors forum.

As an author you may occasionally publish new stories and new books. It is acceptable for you to mention these new publications here in this forum. You may be welcome to do so on other forums outside of SF Fandom. That generosity varies from forum to forum.

You should never include affiliate links in your announcements. Simply say, "My new book, Four Winds Under the Bridge, is now available for download through Amazon (or available online at Barnes & Noble, Amazon, etc.)". It is a good idea to share the ISBN if you have one, or some other unique identifying information. But providing links to books and other products may violate forum guidelines.

As an author you may be invited to sit on a speakers' panel at a conference, teach a writing workshop, speak to the public at a library or school function, or schedule a book signing at a local store.

You may work with a publicist who helps you engage with the media. Advising people of your upcoming radio and television, podcast, and blog appearances is appropriate.

If you assist with or actively support charitable events or causes, it is a good idea to share information about those activities.

An active author may have several newsworthy tidings to share about herself throughout any given year. These announcements are always welcome on SF-Fandom and may be welcome on other forums.

Should You Use Only a Single Thread or Several?

There is no right or wrong answer to this question. But every new discussion is announced in our Twitter feed and posted to Michael's personal Facebook account. There is also an SF Fandom News Website that carries headlines from our forums, and a few other Websites may also be publishing headlines for our newest discussions.

New discussions and new posts in existing discussions will be shown to anyone who looks at recent activity (which is labeled "New Posts" in the menu just below the masthead at the top of the page).

If you are following up on information previously shared here on SF-Fandom you should reply to the previously existing discussion. The new activity will still be shown to anyone who looks for new posts and to anyone who has subscribed to that discussion for notifications.

SF-Fandom Is an Author-friendly Forum

We do not judge you for being a self-published author. Traditionally published authors and self-published authors are welcome to participate in our forums on an equal basis. All we ask is that you abide by our posting guidelines.

We also welcome artists who want to share news about their work here in the authors' forum.

We do forbid discussions that cover these topics:
  • Pornography
  • Works that advocate violence
  • Political works that advocate the overthrow of existing governments
  • Works that advocate or support criminal activity
  • Works that are degrading to any group of people on the basis of race, sex, age, political belief, or faith

We may expand that list at our discretion at any time.

Please consider this post to be a formal extension of the SF Fandom guidelines. This message will be updated as needed by one of the administrators.

Welcome to SF Fandom! We hope you'll enjoy our forums.
Introducing readers to science fiction and fantasy writers.
Thanks for the inform. If I make a book, this is good to know.
Thank you for the information. As a new member, and an author, it helps to have these guidelines.
Thank you for the information. I'm a new member and author, and the tips are great. I hope this is a community I can belong to Rolleyes
Welcome to SF-Fandom.

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