Were science fiction writers against women?
I heard they were bias against women especially Virgina Woolf's books.
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There was certainly a lot of "boy-centric" science fiction in the early days because most people who bought science fiction were males. Virginia Woolf's Science Fiction doesn't sound like she had much of a bias against women but I have never read any of the stories. If there weren't many female characters, or if they didn't do much to move the stories forward, then I guess you would be correct.
The old and classic TV program, Prisoners of Gravity, did an episode covering women in the comics and science fiction industries. You can find it on youtube last time I checked (about a year ago). The show also covered other important topics in other episodes, and is worth checking out by any SF&F or comics fans. The episode on women backs up Michael's point about most of the output being aimed at boys and young men.

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