James Bond science fiction?
Maybe we should have a forum on this guy if he is a science fiction character? Some of the movies are little science fiction. Maybe a discussion on the movies and the actors.
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James Bond is pulp, but the cross over is that the Bond movies really do, in many cases, fall into the "techno-thriller" category, which is often shelved as science fiction. Neal Stephenson's "Zodiac" is a great example of the techno-thriller.
I doubt that the novels themselves have regularly been placed in the sci fi section in libraries & bookshops. The movies You Only Live Twice & Moonraker definitely have space themes though.
I guarantee you that if you can get 20 people talking about Bond, there will be a forum for him. :bg: For that matter, if you can get 20 people talking about 50 Shades of Gray, I think there could be a forum.... Wink :bounce: :crazy:
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Um, the Bond forum I could see. 50 Shades of Gray -- can you imagine all the porn link spammers who would try to piggyback on that? :p

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