Journey to the Far Side of the Sun
I saw it in the theater when I was a kid, perhaps too young to understand its nuances. I finally grokked what was happening when the astronaut was in the bathroom (trying not to give too much away).

It was one of those after-event movies that was intended to draw the kids in along with the adults. I don't think it did spectacularly well.
Yeah, I tend to agree. Gerry Anderson was great with children's shows, but whenever he tried to appeal to an older audience he seemed to fail. It's an interesting film though in many ways. I think that it showed that he really did have the potential to appeal to an older audience but after this he never really achieved it. The next things after this were the dreadfully camp 'UFO' & the often savagely underrated 'Space 1999'. The latter wasn't as bad as many claim IMO. Apart from its almost total disregard for real science, it looked very impressive for its time. I think the miniatures & model shots were very well done as well. Apparently some of the model work done for Space 1999 influenced George Lucas after he had visited the set not too long before he started shooting Star Wars.
In the trivia section on IMDB there is a note that say he reused some of the sets and props from the movie for the UFO television show. And the influence on Lucas' designs is pretty obvious, in my opinion. Space: 1999 was actually a great TV show.
It's a shame he didn't try something a bit better than UFO, which was not a great success. Space: 1999 actually improved a lot in its second season. I think Fred Freiberger was brought in to reinvent it a bit. There was even a proposed spin-off for Katherine von Schell's character 'Maya'. Regardless of the dodgy science it wasn't a bad show. I enjoyed it when I was quite young anyway.
I remember reading about Space: 1999 in TV Guide magazine and wanting to see it. It wasn't until the 2nd or 3rd season that it came to a station in my area. I finally got to see the whole series in reruns (maybe I missed the last season) when I moved to the Atlanta area in the late 1970s.

Despite the cheesy science the storylines were fantastic. They emphasized characters and situations and the technology was just there to create a space opera setting.
I was quite fond of that show, and bought all the tie-in books that went along with it (they were original stories, not novelizations.)
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I agree Space 1999 was a great show. But it doesn't seem to be very compelling to me now watching it on You Tube for some reason. Landau and Bain sometimes went to see ST in production n thought it was the most exciting thing they ever saw n wanted a show like that of their own n they got it. Space 1999 was popular internationally but not very much in Britain strangely enough.

I thought Journey to the Far Side of the Sun was pretty good but not great. Same thing with UFO.
Space: 1999 sometimes covered the same topics as Star Trek; for example, this episode deals with Voyager 1.

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Full episode of Space: 1999, "Voyager's Return"

Two of the more implausible things about the show were the apparently unending supply of fuel for their ships (although they may have dealt with that problem in episodes I don't recall) an they also lost a few ships. How many did they have? Have many did they lose?

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