Have you ever met a President?
I've met two Presidents in my lifetime, and I came within 100 feet of meeting a third.

The first President I met was George W. Bush. I met him and spoke to him briefly when I was visiting Austin, Texas. He had just arrived at the state capitol, presumably to do some work, on a Sunday afternoon. We didn't talk long, and he was certainly an amiable enough guy.

The second President I met was Jimmy Carter. I met him and spoke to him briefly when he was doing a book signing in Denton, Texas. A friend of mine waited in line for hours in the cold to get him to sign our book.

I almost got to shake Bill Clinton's hand the night before he was elected. He was doing a final campaign run through various airports across the country, and I'd gone to the rally in Fort Worth at Meacham Field. I tried to make my way far enough through the crowd to shake his hand, but there were just too many people.
First off, you don't live too far from me, it seems. I'm Dallas area. Wouldn't mind debating you over a beer sometime.

More to the point, though, that's pretty cool. Bush the Elder was at my college graduation (George P was also graduating), but that's the closest I've gotten to meeting a prez. Agree or disagree with them, any conversation with a President or former President would be fascinating.
Always after a defeat and a respite, the Shadow takes another shape and grows again.

I don't have any humble opinions.
I live just outside of Allen, actually, and I like beer.

Carter's book signing was really interesting. I went with a devout Republican friend of mine, and a rumor was going through the line that Carter signed books at a faster clip than almost any other author. My friend, Charlie, told me that Carter could sign his name so fast because he'd had so much practice signing vetoes when he was in the White House. That sure made me laugh at the time.

Bush, on the other hand, was getting out of his car behind us while we were on the steps of the state capitol. I was telling my friends, "Wouldn't it be cool if we got to see George W. Bush while we're here today?"

Bush heard me and walked in front of us, and he turned to us, smiled, and said, "Howdy, fellas! How are y'all doing?"

I didn't get close enough to Bill Clinton to talk to him.

But I did meet Ann Richards and get to speak to her. She was a charmer.
I once watched Ronald Reagan's limo drive by.

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