Good policy or bad? Will it save the poor, or will it collapse the system?
Always after a defeat and a respite, the Shadow takes another shape and grows again.

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The only thing I know is that the cost of my health coverage keeps going up and my parents' Medi-Care keeps getting cut, and it hasn't even fully kicked in yet.

They've also created at least a dozen new Medicaid programs (ending some that already existed) to allow more people to get their "free" health insurance.

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My thought is that it is economically unsustainable, but that that is a feature, not a bug. The idea is to get folks so frustrated with bad partial regulation that they will clamor for full nationalization of health care. The blueprint is in the nationalization of student loans (ironically contained as a rider to Obamacare). 15 years ago, student loans were subsidized, but issued by private lenders...now the govt has cut out the middleman in the name of cutting waste and corporate welfare. Expect the same playbook in healthcare. And, as an aside, if you think healthcare is expensive now, just wait til you see how much it costs when it's "free".
Always after a defeat and a respite, the Shadow takes another shape and grows again.

I don't have any humble opinions.
The more I learn about Obamacare as a private citizen the more dissatisfied I become with it. The promise of extending health care coverage to millions more Americans has been almost obliterated by the ridiculous accounting tools used to inflate the cost.

There are 300 million+ people living in the United States. We need a social health system that can address all of our needs. Instead we're allowing conservative politics to prioritize our health care on the basis of poorly understood economics.

As it stands right now I have better health coverage paying my way directly (out-of-pocket expenses) than I would if I had insurance. But any major, catastrophic illness in my family will destroy me financially for lack of insurance.

I understand how insurance is intended to work: we're supposed to spread our risks (projected costs) across everyone, and that means healthy people should be paying more than they would need to just to take care of themselves while ill people would be paying only what they can afford. Over time, those who are healthy and those who are ill change and the shared risk ensures everyone is helped when they need it.

But instead we're bickering over how much we'll each SAVE by not sharing risks with each other. That's a formula for a long-term health disaster. We'll probably find cures for all sorts of serious and debilitating diseases in the next 10-15 years, but most people probably won't benefit from those breakthroughs without a serious change in the way we manage healthcare.

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