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Space opera at its finest. Terrans, newcomers to space, looked down upon by Central Control, a confederation of ET races. So the only way for men to go to the stars is a Mercenaries, either the low-tech "Archs" or the high-tech "Mechs". Kana Karr, Arch swordsman 3rd class, Alien Liason specialist. is assigned to a Horde on the Planet Fronn. Everything went well for a while until their unit is betrayed by a group of mechs with superior weaponry. This, of course, is against all the rules and regulations governing Terran mercenaries. The horde has to flee for their lives through hostile territory in dreadful weather seeking any allies that they can find. Can they get word back to Earth so they can be rescued? What does the future hold for one Kana Karr, Arch Swordsman 3rd Class? Read this exciting book and find out! Later Kind folks--Paul
Frontiers of any type, physical or mental are but a challenge to our breed. Nothing can stop th questing of man, not even man. If we will it, not only the wonders of space, but the very stars are ours

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