The Turnings of the Witch World
I'd been wondering for a while about Estcarp and how only the women of the Old Race could wield the Power while both women and men of the Old Race in Arvon and Escore could use the Power. Which got me thinking about the Turning. When the Old Race fled Escore into Estcarp, they turned the mountains behind them and cast a spell that they would never again think of the east. Considering how the 2nd Turning of the mountains between Estcarp and Karsten decimated the Witches, I wondered if the original Turning had been performed by the men of the Old Race which is why men were Power-less for generations after. Since the Witches drained themselves performing the 2nd Turning, which also freed the Old Race from the spell forcing them to forget the east, is it possible that the balance of the Power between the sexes in the Old Race of Estcarp has been restored and that both men and women will be born with the ability to wield Power? :book:

What do you guys think?

I believe that the fact that only Women could be witches, i.e. wield power, was just something that Andre Norton decided to do in the first book.
There were also many conditions where this power could be lost.

As the series continued, and time in the real world passed, one of the "Here there be Dragons" place on the map became a new country.
In my humble opinion, Andre Norton started her worlds with a entirely blank map, her character lands in a spot, and as that character looks around the map becomes peopled, and as her characters walked the world, those spaces became peopled, filled out.

My brain sees this as a [Wizard of Oz movie] a gray landscape, which as the character walks across it, a one mile swath gets colored in.

This all being said, and to get back to your question. I think as Andre Norton "found" the new country, she filled it in. Having Adepts was something interesting. Making those adepts be both men and women, put a new slant on things.

Now - How to reconcile the fact that only women "are" witches. My feeling is, 'you are what you think you are'. If you don't think that blowing out a candle with your mind is possible, you don't try. And if you think that you will 'lose' any power that you have by being married, or raped, then you 'lose' that power if either of these happens. Perhaps several generations back, both Men and Women had power, perhaps there are still men born who could wield power. They just no longer believe that there was power for them to use.

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