January 2013 IP Address Changes
Sectorlink, our hosting provider, sent out a notice last month saying that our server had been assigned new IP addresses and we had 30 days to make the change. I have been very ill for the past several weeks (I feel like I am on the Magical Mystical Influenza Tour, having now come down with 2 out of 3 strains).

Assuming I can get together with them on time all should proceed relatively smoothly and you won't notice a thing.

However, at some point you may wake up to find that SF-Fandom, Xenite.Org, and other sites are not online. I don't know how much work is involved but I will try to get this done ASAP.

It all about changing some configuration files -- apparently lots of them.
So this change in IP addresses did lead to some problems after all. I was sick as a dog and had to muddle my way through some issues with help from Sectorlink. I know that some cookie problems occurred.

If anyone is still having issues, please feel free to contact me.

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