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Due to being sick I have pushed back the publication date of the contest. But the clock is ticking. We have to give the five winners to Palgrave MacMillan at the end of January.

So I have decided to promote the giveaway through our sister site, Middle-earth at Xenite.Org.

See here for details:

Contest: 5 People to Win Copies of 2 Hobbit Books From MacMillan
Got a 404 error on the link, Michael
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Sorry for the late reply. I don't know why there was an error on the link. I think we had some downtime in mid-January.

I had the flu twice from mid-December to mid-January and things are kind of fuzzy for me.

The contest was successful and we did announce winners on February 1:

Winners of the Hobbit Books Contest Selected

I hope we can do more contests in the future.

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