Searching for books to read on the "reading club" list.
OK - taking a break from working right now.

There is an item on Ebay that I JUST don't believe
BULLARD OF THE SPACE PATROL by Malcom Jameson, edited by Andre Norton
current bid US $12.19
I hope that it isn't one of you - and I let the cat out of the bag.

There is also a copy of STAND TO HORSE - with more days on the auction & zero bids. start at $6.

There is a double offereing of Ride Proud, Rebel! HB & Sword in Sheath paperback. for a starting bid of $15.

HUON is out there, paper, for $5.

Well enough of that. For the rest you folks will need to search on your own. [The price for BULLARD is almost "to good to be true."
Forgive me for not starting another thread. but ebay & advertisements go together to me.

From LOCUS magazine Octoer 2012 issue
pg 24
Baen Advertisement
Paperbacks March 2013 Andre Norton FOREFUNNER FACTOR, ISBN 978-1-4516-3880-6 $7.99 collects FORERUNNER & Forerunner: The second Venture.
actually there are two copies of Stand to horse on E-bay, a Hardcover (around $25) and a paperback around $6. is a good place to shop for Our reading list books

Our next book, the sword is drawn, has 33 copies on, the cheapest under $5 the most expensive

Rogue Reynard has 29 copies

Sword in sheath 15

Huon of the Horn 148


Also Alibris and Bibliofind can be searched
Just trying to be helpful--Later Kind Folks--Paul:book:
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