I know this is out of the order, but tomorrow would be a good to drag out Andre Norton's classic pirate novel SCARFACE and skim it because tomorrow(sept 19) is International Talk Like a Pirate Day. Aaargh. Avast me hearties; weigh anchor and catch a fair wind for Tortuga. Later ye tars and landlubbers---Paul:book:

A little off the Norton track it is also the Harry Potter Character Hermione Granger's birthday. (listen to the filk genius Tom Smith's song, "It's Cannon")Confuseding:
Frontiers of any type, physical or mental are but a challenge to our breed. Nothing can stop th questing of man, not even man. If we will it, not only the wonders of space, but the very stars are ours
Of course the pirates of Scarface, don't talk "like a Pirate". Well we will read that in a few weeks.

Hmmm, you should post the birthday wish to Hermione Granger on the Harry Potter forum. . . .
Oh wait you alaready have.
In honor of the singularly appropriate natal anniversary of the pirate I'm married to [who's almost forgiven Irene for introducing me to that book dealer, another evil man Wink], Irene may allow a couple of links

A fun video of the Tom Smith song "Talk Like A Pirate Day":

The song about Hermione Granger celebrating her piratical birthday:

Both songs, along with "Pirate Christmas" & lots of others, are available on Tom's free mp3 page:


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