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This Post is mostly directed to PushingThePen

The Data given is incomplete.

First off there is no Bibliographic info for any title.

All the titles have the very same Synopsis, Publisher and Date.

Your Image base is slightly off. For instance the "Murder's for Sale" Image is from a bootleg copy. "At Swords Point" is not from an Andre book it is from some old movie that has nothing to do with Andre's story at all. I could go on and on.

I don't yet understand the reasoning for showing random images of other titles on a Title Page.

"Not everything that can be counted counts and not everything that counts can be counted"
Andre Norton's website -
Let us assume that eventually this will all get cleaned up.

I randomly checked a few titles.
They have the publication dates & Synopsis for CATSEYE
It only goes up to 2002, and the "Books" includes all of the stories, and edited books.
Without the cover art, you would never know that ATLANTIS END GAME had two authors.

We should assume that these are place holders, and will be slowly replaced with accurate data. After all many of the titles have covers.

I really hope that they work with a couple of us "obsessed folk" for proof reading, and data filling.

I love breaking things - so I'm willing to test.
Thank you for noticing this, but as stated in the other thread, there was content used just to test the bandwidth and solve some of the serious server issues that were happening. Currently, very little of the content is accurate, but will be modified over the next X period of time. Yes, X, since there is so much work to do to get the site where it is expected to be.

Input is appreciated and as I wrote to you early this week, Jay, we are seeking to have help with various things. Lots to do, only so many hours in the day and night! Don't have any doubt that things will progressively come into line as something we can all respect.
Yes, Irene. The site is a total mess at the moment, hence the construction mess statement on the front page. Yes, pretty much those are just placeholders for the general backside database test, which finally ran successfully! Very happy about that. Most of these things will be disappearing and then progressively new content will be posted accurately. At that point we will welcome all input, suggestions and comments on how to improve accuracy, content, etc. No matter how out of the box or odd. This site will be the launching point for all things Andre, including links to your site, Jay.

There is a lot of work being performed behind the scenes and not just on the website, so please be patient as things come together. The contact information hasn't been posted, due to the slew of emails that would be sent about the current issues. Once things start getting closer to what they should be, one will be posted that will allow everyone to provide information, edits, etc. for the site.

No matter what, truly appreciate the input and comments, but please temper them with understanding that this is a single piece in a massive project that is coming together.

Thank you for the individual thread addressing this too! It will come in handy as things progress!

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