HEADS UP - Planning Regular Server Outages
Our hosting provider believes there is a runaway script that is taking down the server once or twice a week. The detailed effort required to track down the miscreant code is quite burdensome and I simply do not have time to follow the process.

So as a semi-permanent solution I am testing the option of breaking the HTTP connections for all users once or twice a day for a few seconds. This will create minor inconveniences for people and may, on a rare occasion, cause someone to lose a lengthy post.

I will schedule these interruptions for around midnight Pacific Time and Noon Pacific Time. They will last only a few seconds. Most of the time people will not even be aware of the interruptions.

If the hosting provider is correct about the runaway processes being triggered by too many connections from certain Websites (maybe search engines, maybe proxy services) then breaking the HTTP connections should help the situation.

I am still manually testing this process but I wanted to warn people about what I have in mind.

Depending on how things go, in another year I may have to move SF-Fandom to its own server account anyway. It is at about 65% capacity of its allocated resources on this server.

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