Warning About GoDaddy's InstantPage Service: These are Doorways (spam)
I think most science fiction fans are using sites like Tumblr, Facebook, Wordpress.com, Twitter, and Pinterest to share their enthusiasm for speculative fiction these days. And Deviant Art remains popular, too.

But occasionally someone still registers their own domain name and sets up a hosting account. Web hosting is really cheap these days and it can be had for as little as $2-5 a month. But GoDaddy is offering an InstantPage service where if you register a domain name through their service you can get a free 1-page Website for that domain name.

This InstantPage service is being abused by Web spammers who are creating doorway pages and using them to link to their spammy Websites, to conduct negative SEO and hostile SEO campaigns, and generally engaging in unsavory practices.

GoDaddy is deliberately turning a blind eye to the spam and a growing number of Internet marketers (including me) are asking Google to do something about the spammy doorway pages coming out of GoDaddy's InstantPage service.

For that reason, if you want to create a fan site, I strongly recommend AGAINST using GoDaddy's InstantPage service. It is a risky bet at this time. There are safer places to host your Websites, and frankly if you're going to create a Website you might as well set up a full blog either at one of the social media sites I mentioned above or on your own hosting account.

Wordpress has partnered with some hosting companies that will install their software for you at the click of a button. I have used some of these services in setting up Websites and they are really user-friendly.

I use Godaddy for my business phone number. I didn't use them for my webhosting though.

What are hostile SEO programs? I know SEO is really important for websites that do business. I don't really know what's considered hostile though. Maybe there's lots of that going on in the deep web that I don't know about.
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A "hostile SEO campaign" would be an attempt by someone to besmirch your reputation or to cause Google to penalize your Website. Over the years Google has improved its algorithms so that bad links don't harm Websites so much any more. Instead, they try to ignore those kinds of links.

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