Sci Fi Films Wanted!
Established film distribution company is opening a new label, Fuzion Filmz that will specialize in SF films.
We have 25 years of experience distributing indie films from all over the world and know that we can help any and all indie SF film makers reach those markets they cannot do on their own.
Well established connections with Netflix, Amazon, Barnes & Nobel and complete access to national (and international) distribution network.
Please contact us if you have a SF film that needs distribution or that we can help with in self distribution.


Fuzion Filmz
Welcome to SF-Fandom, Mike. I'll help spread the word through blogs and social media.

Thanks a million, we are really trying to get this thing moving, there have to be a lot of SF films sitting around needed quality distribution, any help you can provide would be wonderful. We have one film set for this summer, Goliad Uprising, a Big Brother/Love Story theme. I have seen the "dailies" (if that word still applies) and it looks like a winner! But now the search is one!

Just out of curiosity, would we be familiar with any other films you may have distributed, genre or not?
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august Wrote:Just out of curiosity, would we be familiar with any other films you may have distributed, genre or not?

You can see our founding line at
Not SF but a strong and viable genre

I have posted a few announcements. Will follow up with some more later this week. I hope we can bring you together with some independent film-makers. In fact, I sent an email to someone in the United Kingdom who had expressed an interest in finding an independent US distributor to me in December.

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