How to opt out of Administrative Emails
We don't often send out administrative emails to our registered SF-Fandom forum members but you all have the ability to opt out of receiving emails from administrators. Just log and and click on the SETTINGS page. Under "My Settings" click on GENERAL SETTINGS. Then uncheck the box that says "Receive Email from Administrators".

VBulletin normally sets this option to YES when you register.

In the event that an administrator needs to reach you individually about a specific problem, we will temporarily re-enable this option and then return it to UNchecked status after concluding our business with you.

The purpose of the occasional emails that are sent out is to reach out to our community of registered users and inform them of changes in the forums and special events that we feel are worth mentioning.

There is no regular SF-Fandom newsletter or mailing list.

If you subscribe to forum discussions, you'll need to manage those settings through the same interface described above.

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