Xenite.Org Turns 15 on March 14, 2012 -- Let's Tweetabrate!
Dear friends,

On Wednesday March 14 Xenite.Org celebrates being an active, online domain for 15 years. As non-commercial domains go, that's pretty impressive if you ask me (and I don't mind sharing my opinion even if you don't). In fact, among commercial Websites 15 years would be pretty impressive. Xenite.Org was one of the first 1 million domain names to be registered, and many of those first 1 million have long since been retired or resold, etc.

As a science fiction and fantasy fan community Xenite (and SF-Fandom) has evolved in many different ways. Over 40,000 people still visit these sites every month. While it's true that the vast majority of those people simply lurk, they do appreciate what we have done through the years. We earn many links and friends and followers occasionally share information about us on social networks like Twitter and Facebook.

As a proud founder I'm unabashedly asking all of you, friends and strangers alike, to recognize March 14 as Xenite-dot-Org day. Please share your thoughts and memories here in the forums. And please join in the Tweetabration that I'm asking people to participate in on Wednesday. If you have a Twitter account, please send out a "Happy Fifteenth Xenite-dot-Org" on Wednesday. It would mean a lot to me.

So, thank you for being with us through all these years and here's hoping we enjoy at least another 15 years together on the Xenite.Org Network.
Congratlations Michael. Happy 15th. I love the forums but am not a twit, so cannot help spread the word by that method. Later Kind Folks--Paul
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I have received a number of private congratulations from people who don't have Twitter accounts. I want to publicly thank everyone who has (or will) respond. It's gratifying to see that our efforts to build a great community on Xenite.Org and SF-Fandom have not gone unnoticed. These sites have no purpose without the fans, even if they mostly only lurk.
I got your message about Twitter but unfortunately had such a busy day that I didn't have time to log on. Anyway, congratulations on what you've achieved. It's been wonderful..

And your mail mad me come back after a longer absence. I wonder how many people who remember me are still around?
Well, *I* remember you and I appreciate your coming back. Smile

A fair few people posted some nice congratulatory messages on Twitter.

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