"The Woman in Black" -- My Thoughts
I have been waiting a good long time for the release of this movie. It was to be my first post-Harry Potter exposure to Daniel Radcliffe's acting career and I had high hopes that he would prove himself a very capable multi-character actor with this project.

I have no complaints about Dan's acting in the film but the role or the character itself was very flat, extremely reactive, and probably could have been played by just about anyone with a decent acting profile. In other words, I don't feel like this movie taxed Daniel Radcliffe as an actor at all. He was not quite wooden in his performance but there really wasn't a whole lot for him to do. The story is, as the title suggests, about the Woman in Black, not about the down-on-his-luck lawyer who is sent to rifle the papers of the mansion she haunts.

There are some rather chilling moments in the movie, no question of that. The audience reacted at all the right moments and I have to admit I felt a few tingles on my arms. But the whole thing is so hokey it just doesn't come across as a compelling horror story. Instead it looks like an obvious setup for a low-budget franchise of ghost-versus-clueless-visitor films. We've learned enough about the Woman in Black's story to understand why she is there and what she is doing. Time to move on.

And, of course, the biggest problem for me is that the movie's resolution just absolutely sucks. It's a horrible ending to a story. If this is the way the book ends I'm glad I never read it. I would have thrown it across the room, out the window, and into the sewer for cheating me with a hopeless put-down of all the expectations the story raises in the audience.

The final scene is supposed to be "beautiful" -- but instead it is upstaged by the clear "I'll be back" reference to the Woman in Black herself. And, quite frankly, I'm sick of these schlocky film franchise seeds that only threaten to drag out a really stupid story to begin with.

There was absolutely no meaning or purpose to Arthur Kipps' actions in this film. Everything he did was a huge waste of time. He accomplished nothing significant and there is absolutely no reason for me or any other person to care about the story's outcome. If he had had a POSITIVE impact somewhere things would be different.

The plot follows a gimmick that I just abhor -- it's a cheap "haha I'm very clever, I tricked you into believing in this tale" kind of plot that just ruins any promising story whether literary or cinematic.

I'll never willingly watch this movie again and I surely won't ever watch any sequels if the production company tries to make them.

"The Woman in Black" isn't a horror film -- it's a HORRIBLE film.
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August, the background information you provide is creepier than the movie. Smile

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