Happy Thanksgiving
Hello all you kind folks out there---HAPPY THANKSGIVING----Paul :hellohands:
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Happy Thanksgiving back, and the same to all of the rest of Andre's friends out there. Sounds like a great holiday to sit, nice and toasty in this cold weather, and reread one of her classics, Catseye. Still my favorite.
Thanks, Paul and Cat,

I agree. It is good to get home, be home, and stay home with friends and family ... at least up here where "toasty" is for bread this time of year.

And the book that is near to hand at the moment is: Bullard (it may be once removed in a sense, but it still does the job, AND it reminds me how well Miss Norton treated folks--everyone, and always).

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!
If baseball is in the air, why not catch it?
I hope everyone had a happy Thanksgiving day. We had a pretty good day here. I wasn't online that much.

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