Stargate actors attending September 24 gala to benefit Hunter Syndrome
[indent]Amanda Tapping, Colin Ferguson, Lou Diamond Phillips, Ryan Robbins and Allison Mack will be among a host of television stars attending a gala in Vancouver on September 24th to raise funds for research into Hunter Syndrome.

The condition, also known as MPS II, is a genetic disorder that affects children. It substantially reduces their lifespan and afflicts them with a variety of degenerative symptoms that increase in severity with age. Currently there is no cure for the rare syndrome, which is estimated to affect around 2000 children worldwide.[/indent]

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According to PubMed Health:

Mucopolysaccharidosis type II, Iduronate sulfatase deficiency

Hunter syndrome is an inherited disease in which long chains of sugar molecules (mucopolysaccharides) are not broken down correctly and build up in the body.

Causes, incidence, and risk factors

Hunter syndrome is an inherited condition. Boys are most often affected.

The condition is caused by a lack of the enzyme iduronate sulfatase. Without this enzyme, mucopolysaccharides build up in various body tissues, causing damage.

The early-onset, severe form of the disease begins shortly after age 2. A late-onset, mild form causes less severe symptoms to appear later in life.[/indent]

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