Twitch has trailer for Mark Hamill's Steampunkian Hungarian movie
I guess steampunk movies are migrating toward a blend of black-and-white with color highlights. Anyway, you can see the trailer for "Thelomeris: City of Time" at Twitch. It stars Mark Hamill and looks like it's largely a green screen film ala "Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow". The film has been in production since 2008.
There doesn't seem to be an official Website for the movie but IMDB has some information.

The trailer has been uploaded to YouTube by a number of fans.

Watch Trailer for "Thelomeris" from YouTube
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That is a pretty unimpressive trailer.
Preview doesn't really tell much.
I can imagine quite a bit.
I think the project is counting on Mark's prestige to carry it forward. Keep in mind, this is not a $100 million Hollywood mega blockbuster.

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