Darien Takle's message to the fans after 9/11, ten years later
Darien Takle, the gifted NZ stage actress who played Xena's mother, sent this message to all of her US fans ten years ago, right after the tragedy of 9/11.

Since acting in NZ is not a high-profile profession, and "fans" don't exist there as they do here, she didn't have any web site, or seemingly even a computer. The way she got this out was via an otherwise unknown friend of hers (who appears to be a music teacher in Auckland) who sent this message to anyone whose e-mail Darien had:

Quote:My dear Friends:

My heart goes out to you at this time. This is a terrible, terrible thing
that has happened to your wonderful country. I am so saddened and in shock
and wish there was something I could do to help, apart from sending you all
lots of love and energy to recover from this tragedy.

When I attended the Pasadena Xena Convention last May, I had the most
wonderful time and fell in love with America and Americans. It was a
special time for me - your hospitality, kindness, and enthusiasm, were
exceptional. I know that that special American Spirit will get you through
this tragedy but it will take time. I hope I can see you all soon ... but
in the meantime, please accept my love and have courage.

Lots of Love from

Darien Takle/Cyrene, Xena's Mom
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