Eliza Dushku open to a True Lies 2
I know there is a thread about this somewhere... but both "True" and "Lies" are too short to turn up in anything from our search feature..

Anyway, at Comic-Con, Eliza told MTV that:

Quote:"I think there's been a little a little snafu with the star. With the Schwarzenegger. It might be a minute," she said with a laugh.

Arnold's personal problems notwithstanding, the man is returning to film with "The Last Stand." Either way, Dushku said there had been a time when the former Governator was not taking kindly to the rumor mill going about this movie.

"For a while I was never even talking about it. Tom Arnold was always talking about it," Dushku said. "And all of the sudden I started getting calls from the Governor's office in LA saying, 'You aren't allowed to talk about 'True Lies' and we hear you're talking about the sequel,' and I was like, 'No I'm not. That's Tom! Call him up, bug somebody else.'"

But Dusku wanted to set the record straight: if James Cameron wants her for it, she is there for "True Lies 2."

"Jim should give me a call, we should talk about it," she said. "I might consider being into it."

Honestly, that would be a win-win for everyone - assuming that there was a good script. It wouldn't be nearly as hard for Cameron to direct (as his Avatar sequels) and Arnold and Jamie Leigh could be convincing older parental figures, relying on her as the next generation. It could play off both those aging action star movies, the ones with Bruce Willis and Helen Mirren, and the ones with Stallone, Jet Li, et al.

I think the idea of "the next generation" has certainly been done enough already, but rarely, if ever, has an actual child star in a famous original literally grown up to be the perfect sort of action star to take over in a sequel.
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I would have thought the marketability of Ahnuld as a "loving husband with a secret life" has been pretty much destroyed by his extra-marital shenanigans. Pity.
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After all, a thousand years isn't very long!
*Possibly.* Hollywood goes both ways on that one, with actors (or rather producers and pr departments) sometimes being able to get audiences distinguish
between real life and acting. But of course that's the snafu she refers to.
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