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I have launched Middle-earth.Xenite.Org this week. This new subdomain on Xenite.Org will republish updated copies of my original Suite101 essays. Any articles that have links in them are being reviewed and the links are either being updated or removed. 3 articles from the Suite101 collection will be published every week.

I have asked Suite101 to take down my articles as they have caused several problems with attribution over the years, and the articles are really hard to read as Suite101 currently formats them.

On Middle-earth.Xenite.Org you'll be able to read the articles in their entirety on one page and as originally formatted.

In addition to the Suite101 collection the site will also publish articles about Middle-earth Talk Radio episodes and OTHER MINDS e-magazine issues. There will probably be other article collections too.

Beginning next week an article will be published every day, Monday through Friday, each week. At least until I can no longer keep up with that kind of schedule. Smile

I have to tell you, I love this essay: "Razing Arnor: How Real Were the Dunadan Conspiracies?"
Excellent work! One of the more plausible theories on the break up of Arnor. Weaving in the ambitious Tarannon
is pure genius. With Tarannon applying pressure on a weak Amlaith, the whole idea of the "Abandonment" of Annuminas
comes together perfectly. Well done!


PS. Not sure if this is the right place of the Forum for this.
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I should think commenting on an essay at a website in a thread about that very website and its essays would be entirely appropriate. :bg:
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Actually, given that I had to close comments on all the old articles because of spam, SF-Fandom is the perfect place for people to leave comments. Either this section (Xenite.Org network) or the Middle-earth section would be appropriate for leaving such comments.

Thank you, by the way.
I've enjoyed catching up on your Suite 101 posts via this Middle-earth blog. I see that I was even mentioned in one of your posts (the one about Aragorn and Moria).

I am trying to get caught up on these discussions. The one about Dol Guldur has me particularly intrigued at the moment.
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It might take you a while to work your way through everything, even during the years when I am sick. Smile

I recently thought, "Oh, I'm finally catching up on the questions people submit" but it turned out that WordPress has changed how the contact forms work and I was not seeing/filing a lot of recent questions.
Thanks for the info.
Don't insult the precious, my precious!:book:
The question and answer articles have proven to be the most popular content on the site over the last (nearly) 10 years.

I wish I could write more of them but they are very time-consuming. People cannot get enough of these Q-and-A articles. I have a queue of submitted questions that always seems to be dozens long. I've never come close to exhausting the list of unanswered questions.

Here are some of the most recent questions:

Why Did Aragorn Forget Thranduil’s Name in the “Two Towers” Movie?

Why Didn’t Sauron Know that Aragorn Existed?

Did the Noldor Dig Their Own Mines?

What Did Sauron Use the Sammath Naur For?

Where Did the Second Age Numenoreans Live in Eriador?

How Much Damage Would the Valar Have Caused If They Attacked Sauron?

Was It Fair for the Elves to Leave Middle-earth?

Was Smaug Present at the War of Wrath?

Did the Shire Have an Army or a Military?

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions about Elves

What Did Beorn Mean by "Travelling Circus"?

Would the One Ring Make Sauron Invisible?

What Happened To the Folk of Bór after the Nirnaeth Arnoediad?

What Do We Know about the Black Serpent of Harad?

Where Did the Orc Armies Get Their Food?

What Happened to Dwarves and Hobbits?

Why Didn’t Sauron Manipulate Númenor Into Conquering Middle-earth?

Could Melkor Ever Become as Powerful as Ilúvatar?

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