I have shut down the Xenite.Org Website
If you want to read the long explanation of why I have taken Xenite.Org offline, you can look at "The End Days of Xenite.Org" on the main SF-Fandom blog.

The short explanation is that after so many years of changes and upgrades to server operating systems and software, the old hand-coded Perl scripts (more than 100 of them) broke in the last server change (mid-April).

Too many pages fell into disrepair. I started to update all the scripts (manually) and just lost heart in the project. Maintaining thousands of static HTML pages by hand is an impossible task.

I will try to figure out what to do with the domain and maybe I'll republish some of the old popular feature articles here on SF-Fandom. I'm not sure.

This was a hard decision for me to make but I have long recognized the need to update Xenite's infrastructure with a modern CMS and it was just impossible to import all the articles, images, and sidebars into any current platforms without a great deal of work.

I appreciate the loyal support of the people who visited and linked to Xenite.Org through the years. We were still receiving a lot of visitors each month. But its vision had become more than just a legacy -- it was an anchor rooted too far in the past to be relevant to today's World Wide Web.

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