About the News Posting Accounts
I am sure many of you are as annoyed as I am at the multiple postings for the same stories in various forums. I do intend to fix that but right now I am traveling and just don't have as much time/access to the server as I need to resolve the issues the way I want to.

I've been able to do some preliminary work that shows promise. What I really want is one post per day that summarizes the news, rather than 5-20 posts per day that repeat it over and over again.

Hopefully by someone next week I'll be able to get this worked out.
The Harry Potter and Johnny Depp RSS feeds have been disabled for the time being. Other feeds may be disabled, too.

We are working on a permanent solution but it appears that will take several weeks to implement.
I have now replaced most of the news posting scripts with new versions that aggregate news stories into single daily posts. However, it seems to me that is still too frequent (in most cases). For the present time, I have modified the scripts' schedule to run only on Tuesdays and Saturdays. Hopefully, that will cut down on some of the unintended duplication I have seen.

I will continue to work on improving these news posts so that they are informative and helpful but not quite as intrusive as they have been.

Thank you to everyone who has provided feedback and to you all for being so patient as I continue to tweak SF-Fandom.

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